What is your return policy?

Return policies vary by retailer. If a purchase was made directly from Earth Lab Cosmetics and not through a retailer our return policy is the following:

Earth Lab Cosmetics is a family owned and operated company, not a large corporation. We’ve chosen to not mass produce our products for pennies on the dollar like some large corporations that manufacturer similar products. Due to this, it is far more expensive to make our high quality products without the use of less expensive fillers other companies add to their formulas. This is why we encourage a try before you buy practice.

Every Earth Lab retailer offers testers and or samples for our Customers to try the products before a purchase is made. Disposable mascara wands, lip brushes and sanitized makeup brushes should be available at each retail location. Earth Lab also offers free demos when we are on location or at a trade or craft show.

If for some reason, a customer is not satisfied with a purchase after using a product from Earth Lab Cosmetics, we will offer credit toward other Earth Lab products or a product exchange. Exchanges within 90 days of purchase.

Should I be concerned about titanium dioxide?

If you are concerned with anything you may have heard about Titanium Dioxide, here is a link to an excellent article on the subject which explains the theory and science that has shown Titanium Dioxides’ fantastic properties to refract UV Rays.

Click here to read the article about Titanium Dioxide

Support Safe Cosmetics!

We support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 and we are a proud signer for Safe Cosmetics!