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The following article (reproduced here) was originally written by Morgan Embury for The Vegan Project on January 1, 2012 http://theveganproject.ca/earth-lab-cosmetics-vegan-mascara-that-works/

Vegan Mascara

Earth Lab Cosmetics – Vegan Mascara That Works!

Whether you wear lots of makeup or very little, the classic mascara seems to be a staple for many.  Before I began my quest for more natural beauty products, I gave little thought to the one thing I used almost every day, my mascara. All I knew was mascara should be disposed after 3 months of use, and that it should never be shared to avoid eye infections and contamination. But what’s really in mainstream mascaras?

Methylparaben – Can cause allergies, toxicity and irritation.

Propylparaben – Linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity.

Fragrance – Thousands of potential synthetic chemicals.

Triethanolamine – Linked to cancer, allergies, and toxicity.

Mercury compounds – Can be used as a preservative in eye make-up and occasionally found in mascara.

Despite these facts, allergic reactions can be stimulated by any of the components of mascara, but are usually attributed to methylparaben, aluminum powder, ceteareth-20, butylparaben, or benzyl alcohol. Some mascaras include fine rayon fibres that make the product more viscous.

Do we really have to put up with all of these chemicals in order to have mascara that works? Hell No!

After trying several natural, chemical-free brands, hands down, Earth Lab Cosmetics –Raw Mascara was the winner.  This family owned, British Columbia based cosmetic company produces 100% natural, cruelty free mineral makeup. Raw Mascara is mainly vegan with the exception of the bees wax, a bee waste by-product. This brand has stellar all natural plant based ingredients such as aloe, jojoba and safflower oils, chamomile, rosemary and cucumber extracts. The lecithin and glycerin (also called glycerol) in the mascara are both plant based.  It contains natural silica for thickening, and mica and iron oxides for pigments. Since all mascaras need a preservative in order to avoid serious eye infections from spoilage, it’s important to note that this brand’s preservative is an edible food grade Phenoxyethanol which is derived from rose oil. It’s used in miniscule amounts and is completely safe.

Raw Mascara goes on silky smooth and conditions your lashes all day without clumping, smudging or flaking. The black hue is a soft yet potent dark black that really flatters without appearing too strong. Dark brown is also available. It washes away easily and the tube does not dry out before you get a chance to finish it. The price is steeper than drugstore brands, at around $19 at Choices and other smaller health food stores. Check www.earthlab.ca for store locations.

This mascara does an excellent job if not better than the designer $25 and up brands.  I find that cheap drugstore brands dry out quick then end up clumping, fade on my lashes and dehydrate them.  Given all the synthetic ingredients, and the high price of prestigious brands with similar harmful ingredients and animal testing, I am willing to pay an extra $5-10 for something with natural ingredients that help hydrate my maturing lashes.

Courtesy of Beauty Contributor Morgan Embury

~The Vegan Project

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