Having been in the beauty industry for over 25 years I am not that easy to impress when it comes to new skin care products...they all seem to be the same, some a little better than others.

When Earth Lab came out with their new skin care line I decided to try it, my experience with their mineral make-up line has been a very good one. It's been a couple of months now that I've been using the whole line and I'm very impressed with how great my skin looks.....especially around my eyes, it is a noticeable difference.

Besides the fabulous results, I truly appreciate the organic ingredients your company chooses to use, thank you Earth Lab for creating one of the purest products I have ever come across.

Sabina HitzelbergerCosmetologist

Hello, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your Raw Mascara. I have been using it for approx. 2 years now and will never go back to Clinique again.  I had to buy a new one the other day and I just used it this morning and I noticed a much fatter brush for application, I love it. Thank-you for making such a GREAT product.

CarolOkotoks AB

I just purchased your lip gloss in "Nude" and blush in "Apricot" from Shift natural fashions, and I'm in LOVE!! Thanks for your line!


People just love your mascara! Thank you!

Jenna OlmstedNatural Living Manager | Planet Organic Market Jasper Avenue

Why We Love It: Finding the right mascara is a process that’s heavy on both trial and error – and we’ve had the clumpy, gunky lashes to prove it (we cried about it and it got everywhere).

Enter EarthLab Cosmetics, a Canadian company that hand-makes raw, natural mascara from plant-based sources without any yucky chemicals, fillers, or cruelty to animals – and it goes on smooooooooth. Your voucher gets you one tube of Alive Award-winning raw mascara from Earth Lab Cosmetics.

Read what Jen MacDougall of Earth Lab had to say about so-called conventional "hypoallergenic" mascaras in the September 2012 issue of Vista Magazine, and learn why their botanical-based formula will change your life.

Ethical Deal Vancouver

Hi, this is Linda and Tammy at SANGSTER'S HEALTH STORE in Penticton, BC and Earth Lab products are the ONLY makeup and skincare that we use and sell. Being natural with no parabens or toxic chemicals our skin feels so good! We both use the Firm Serum and the (HYALURONIC ACID) Youth Cream (PLUMPS UP YOUR SKIN AND GIVES A YOUTHFUL RADIANT APPEARANCE) for crows feet and wrinkles both products are fabulous!

We also use the loose minerals in this line, which do not clog up pores or cause creasing, which is a plus for Women with mature skin.

The loose minerals are also free of parabens and toxic chemicals that can mess up Women’s and young girls’ hormones, plus it’s excellent for people with acne.

The Raw Mascara is fabulous – Because

  1. It’s truly natural and
  2. When you wash your face the Raw Mascara washes off very easily without running or smudging!!!!!!!

Being Women in the Health Industry we’ve tried a lot of natural beauty products and we must say the whole Earth Lab Line is fantastic!

If you are in Penticton come check us out at Sangster’s Health Centre in Cherry Lane Mall.

Linda & TammySangster's Health Store Penticton

Hi, I tried my first product of yours and love it! (The Mineral Foundation) ...Thanks!

Leanne Sanders

You are right, I used the raw mascara, and threw all the others away, it is great thank you for providing these products, now I have found you, I will be exploring all your products. 🙂






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